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Question 1.Allen Arnold has determined that the amount of money he spends on his mortgage payment, car insurance payment, and cable bill totals $1,200 each month. What type of expenses has Allen determined with this calculation?

Question 2.A $2,000 deposit to a tax-deferred retirement account for a person in a 25 percent tax bracket would result in a reduced tax bill of:

Question 3.The first step of the career planning process is to:

Question 4.The study of how wealth is created and distributed is:

Question 5.Which of the following trends is most likely to increase domestic career opportunities in manufacturing organizations?

Question 6.Mr. and Mrs. Keating want to give their son Dudley a total of $24,000. They each write him a check for $12,000 so they won’t have to pay any gift tax. This is an example of:

Question 7.When a taxpayer’s income increases $1,000 and the taxes owed increases from $7,867 to $8,177, the marginal tax rate is ______ percent.

Question 8.Which of the following would increase the risk of a loan?

Question 9.Higher prices are likely to result from:

Question 10.The main goal of personal financial planning is:

Question 11.The main responsibility of The Fed is to:

Question 12.The main economic influence that determines prices is:

Question 13.An investment account that increases from $1,000 to $1,005 in a month is earning approximately __ percent annual interest.

Question 14.A person has $1,250 in liabilities, monthly savings of $200, and monthly gross income of $2,500. What is the person’s savings ratio?

Question 15.The Hernandez family budgets $420 a month for food. Last month they spent $413, which creates a

Question 16.Which one of the following should be budgeted first?

Question 17.A taxpayer whose spouse recently died is most likely

to use the ____________ filing status.

Question 18.Higher interest rates can be caused by:

Question 19.Most income tax documents should be kept for _____ year(s).

Question 20.A(n)  ____________ is an employment position that is obtained mainly to earn money.

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