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Case Study (I)
A professional female soccer player, age 26 years, sustained a “Grade III” ACL injury in her right knee. During her rehabilitation treatment, isokinetic screening tests (with gravity correction) were carried out with the following results:
Table 1 Isokinetic Concentric / Concentric Peak Torque at 600.s-1 (Nm)
Leg Extensors Flexors
Right 210 114
Left 257 159
Table 2 Isokinetic Concentric / Concentric Peak Torque at 1800.s-1 (Nm)
Leg Extensors Flexors
Right 147 81
Left 176 121
Write a (maximum) 700 word case study which includes the following sections:
1) Immediate treatment (10%)
2) Long term rehabilitation (25%)
Incorporate the “Isokinetic results” in your answer and show the calculations of bilateral percentage imbalances in the Appendix (5%).

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