Boy Willie and Berniece

Boy Willie and Berniece

Analyze the characters of Boy Willie and Berniece in Act I in a 350-word carefully thought out discussion response, paying close attention to how setting affects the actions of these characters.
Questions to consider:
•    What brought these characters from Mississippi to Pittsburgh?
•    What is the importance of Doaker being a Pullman Porter?
•    How does Wining Boy embody the tradition of the blues (See Sonny’s Blues)?
•    Why do you think Boy Willie and Berniece can’t ever get along?
Your initial post should be a 350-word, carefully thought out response.

–    You can find the act1 in The Norton Introduction to Literature by Kelly J. Mays Eleventh Edition at page number 846 – 880.
–    You can find Sonny’s Blue in the same book page 73.

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