Briefing for Senator

Pretend that you work in your Senator’s office as an economic expert. Your final assignment for this class is to prepare a briefing for your Senator to explain the current state of the US economy (or your own nation’s economy if you are living outside of the United States while taking this course). Use the following questions to frame your briefing with at least 2-3 paragraphs per question (3-4 pages total, double-spaced). This assignment will include internet research, but the important part is what you do with that information. The purpose is to show your mastery of macroeconomic concepts as well as macroeconomic stabilization policy. Write your briefing paper in Microsoft Word and format it according to APA guidelines, and incorporate at least two sources outside of your textbook to support your rationale. Please submit your completed assignment by the due date posted. This paper is due one week (seven days) after the last day of class. 1) Diagnosis of economic indicators: Find the current GDP growth rate, unemployment rate, and inflation rate. Write a paragraph that analyzes the health of the US economy as given by these current statistics. At what stage of the Business Cycle is the US economy? 2) What are your recommendations for the government in terms of fiscal policy measures? Explain your rationale for your choices. 3) What are your recommendations for the Federal Reserve System in terms of monetary policy? Explain your rationale for your choices. 4) What are your recommendations for trade policy and the opening up or restricting of borders for imports and exports? Explain your rationale for your choices. 5) If you policies are implemented, what do you predict the economic indicators of GDP growth, unemployment and inflation will be a year from now? 6) Defend your choice of policies from a Christian worldview. You must use scripture as well as concepts discussed in Bulls, Bears, and Golden Calves. There is no specific guidelines for cited resources, however please view #6 need to be apa format

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