Broad Ethical and Human Rights Considerations Essay

Paper Instructions
Your case study must discuss and analyze the case – including possible responses or actions – from two of the following perspectives:
1. Broad ethical considerations;
2. Human rights considerations;
Duty ethics (ethical framework)
Ethical Dilemma 2: Danny Needs Help
Returning to his desk one afternoon, Richard reviews his options with some anxiety. As a caseworker in a community agency providing counseling and temporary shelter for abused and troubled youth, he has just visited the state human services office—without much success. His goal had been to persuade the state to accept custody for Danny, a 15-year-old boy whose parents were, in Richard’s eyes, seriously abusive. The law on this point is, he feels, perfectly clear: Danny has the right to state guardianship if an investigation shows he is clearly in imminent danger.
But Janice, the state worker on duty that afternoon, feels otherwise. Reviewing the request, Janice tells Richard that the state would not accept custody of Danny. As far as she could determine, Danny is not really in imminent danger of physical injury. And, at 15, he is better able to take care of himself than many others who are referred to her every day.
Richard knows it is a difficult decision for Janice. After all, she and he are in the business of social work because they care about children like Danny. It is not her fault that, given recent budget cutbacks, priorities have tightened, excluding children who once would have qualified for state support. Still, he feels strongly that the potential danger for Danny is real and immediate. His responsibility, he knows, is to promote Danny’s welfare and act in Danny’s best interests.
Should he, then, try to pressure the department into accepting custody by appealing to the unit supervisor? If he appeals against Janice’s decision, there is some chance that it would be overturned and that Danny would win state support. But Richard works cooperatively with Janice and her co-workers on a regular basis. Would he jeopardise future relations—and maybe lose his effectiveness in cases far more serious than Danny’s—if he challenges her decision?
This assignment will be based on the two following perspectives: Broad ethical considerations & Human rights considerations along with a ‘Duty ethics’ framework in this assignment.
Could you please discuss these aspects in Richards, Danny and Janice’s point, the Law, Human rights, Duty of Care etc etc.

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