Building a Total Information Network: The Beginnings (psychology)

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Building a Total Information Network: The Beginnings
The Walden Library is an excellent resource. Nevertheless, it is not an exhaustive or all-inclusive information/research resource. A successful scholar-practitioner knows that not all of the information or research required for a program of study can be found or conducted using just one source. He or she will explore and identify additional information and research resources.
To prepare for this assignment:
Begin searching for additional information resources within your place of work:
Does your place of work have a library? Where is it located? What does it contain? Who is the librarian?
Does your place of work have a partnership with a library? What privileges and services are available to employees?
Peruse the Web site links provided in the Study Notes: The Walden Library and Your Total Information Network (I attached).
Nearby academic libraries-What privileges and services are offered to users not enrolled in that university? What costs are incurred?
Nearby public libraries-What privileges and services are offered, particularly with interlibrary loans? What costs are incurred?
Statewide resources-How do you gain access?
Walden Library’s Document Delivery Service (DDS) What are its policies, benefits, and limitations?
The assignment:
Write a description of your Total Information Network, including, when applicable, but not limited to:
Resources available to you within your place of work. Include URLs if applicable.
A nearby public and academic library or libraries you will use, and their services that would be of use. Include URL(s). (I live in New Haven, Connecticut, USA) we have local library here!!
Any statewide resources at your disposal, and their services that would be of use. Include URL(s).
Any Web sites and online information resources. Include URLs.
People resources.
Briefly describe each entry including what information and resources it provides and URLs where applicable.
Support your Application assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation.

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