Building an apps farm for university student

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I am building an open-source online repository where university students can upload or download mobile apps they build using phonegap or other software and then use it on their devices. student can only upload the file format of android (.apk) and IOS (.ipa) on the website.
I need the methodolgy (around 2000 words), findings and disscusion (around 2500 words) and conclusion (around 500 words). please to do not use over complicated website is I used HTML, SQL and PHP for building my site. I used dreamweaver, mysql and phpmyadmin to build my site.
Methodology(2000 words)
I selected waterfall as as my software development methodology and i need to justify why it is better than other methodologies supported by references. I need to explain every phases of the development of my application: requirements, design, implementation, testing and maintenance.
Findings and disscusion (around 2500 words)
first i have to have an introduction which explain Purpose of chapter and outline of chapter structure. I need to give a background of my study then i have to give my findings then in the discussion, i explain the main findings in relation to the literature.
For conclusion (500 words), i need to have an introdution which explain the Purpose of chapter and Outline of chapter structure. then give a evaluation of extent of achievement of original aim & objectives) and Main conclusion(s). i also need to give Recommendations if it is possible. Finally explain the contribution by giving an evaluation of strengths & weaknesses of overall study and implications.

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