Business and Marketing: Case Study of Tesco

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Assessment 1 Individual coursework Write a 3000 word report (NOT an essay) analysing an organisation of your choice. Please structure your report using the headings in the correct sequence: 1. Executive summary (summary of the whole report – topic; key findings and recommendations). 300 words 2. Company background (company description including organisational chart, product portfolio and SWOT). 200 words 3. Market analysis (including competitor analysis, branding and positioning; market segmentation) 1000 words 4. Strategic choices (Application of Ansoff matrix, PEST and opportunities for NPD) 1000 words 5. Conclusions and recommendations. 500 words Terms and Conditions • Please be very careful about PLAGIARISM either plagiarizing sources such as company reports or websites with too much copy and paste or sharing material with other students. • This is a REPORT. This means that you can use bullet points (not cryptic bullet points), diagrams and subheadings. • Please be aware of the difference between description and analysis more marks are given for analysis. So as you can see the bulk of the marks and the bulk of your effort should go into sections 3 and 4. • If you need to add information and to avoid going over the word count put the information in an appendix at the back of the report. • Sources of data for this report can be found in the library in electronic resources and on company web sites.

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