business and society

Strategic Philanthropy Project




  • Your project should be submitted in formal thesis format, i.e. cover page and references (if applicable).


  • Do not type your paper in bold or colored fonts.


  • Paper body should be 5-10 pages, double spaced.






Strategic philanthropy is the concerted use of a company’s expertise or resources to address social needs and often has internal as well as external benefits. This project will look at determining ways companies can leverage their expertise to address social causes. An example is Home Depot’s involvement with Habitat for Humanity, where the company donates materials and employee time to support this cause.




SPP Instructions:




  1. Choose one of the following companies on which you will base your research:




  • Eli Lilly


  • Gap Inc.


  • McDonald’s


  • Target


  • Bank of America


  • Office Depot


  • Verizon




  1. Research your company’s strategic philanthropy initiatives, using their website and/or whatever other resources you find helpful. Write a detailed summary of these strategic philanthropy initiatives.




  1. Include ways your selected company can leverage their expertise to address social causes that they aren’t currently using.

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