business and society

  1. Describe how the social needs of achievement, affiliation, and power affect ethical decision making at work.



  1. Imagine you have just taken a job as CEO of a firm with a recent history of ethical transgressions. What steps would you take to begin changing the ethical culture of the organization?



  1. What are some issues to be considered before embarking on the downsizing process?



  1. What is an ethical issue? Describe four categories of ethical issues and provide examples of specific situations that may occur within each category.



  1. “The customer is always right.” Explain why this well-known saying is not really true.



  1. What are the key responsibilities of ethics officers? How would the employment background, personality, and reputation of an ethics officer affect his or her performance on the job?



  1. How can an individual employee potentially mitigate the onset and effects of downsizing?



  1. What is workplace diversity, and why might a firm embrace diversity?



  1. What concerns about the right to privacy has the Internet raised?



10.How does a training and communication plan assist in the implementation of an ethics program? What are some unique ways that organizations could train and communicate about ethics?


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