business and society

  1. How has the Internet and other technology affected productivity and trust in the workplace?




  1. Compare and contrast financial auditing with social auditing.




  1. What is urban sprawl, and what negative environmental impacts have resulted because of it?




  1. What is TRUSTe and how does it work?




  1. What is the relationship between social auditing and crisis management? What can organizations do to become better prepared for preventing and responding to ethical misconduct?




  1. How can the traditional approach to corporate philanthropy be described?




  1. Give an example of cause-related marketing and an example of strategic philanthropy.




  1. What is cloning and what are its possible applications?




  1. How should a company address stakeholder concerns about environmental issues?



  1. Choose three stakeholders and provide an example of each stakeholder’s specific concerns at the four levels of social responsibility.

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