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FORMAT: (Please put your information in the following order)
1. Title Page (separate page) +
2. Table of Contents (separate page) +
3. ? page Executive Summary (separate page) +
4. Minimum of 5 full pages of text, maximum of 7 pages; double-spaced- meaning one blank space between lines (including headings and sections), indent at the beginning of paragraphs. Make sure you write in paragraphs, not outline or listing information. +
5. Bibliography- (separate page) Minimum of four sources. You may interview people doing that job now right now for 2 of your sources.
6. Total # of pages will be between 9 – 11 pages.
The theme of this report will be from the following:
BUSINESS CAREER TOPIC ? pick a high level job that you might obtain after you get your degree in a career that you are interested in and research it. This should include: job requirements (education, work experience, licenses, skills), salary, benefits, job duties, employment outlook, and more.
Introduction ? History of the Job
Job Duties
Education Needed
Job Experience Needed
Skills needed
Job Personality Traits Needed
Work Environment
Work Schedule/Hours/Vacation
Work Location and Travel
Job Outlook ? Short-term and Long-term
Salaries and Benefits
Conclusion (How this information works for you)

PayPal Acceptance Mark

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