Business Modelling and Simulation in Supply Chains

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You are required to submit a 3000 word essay / report (excluding references and appendixes) based upon the provided case study that addresses and meets the requirements as below.
You may choose an alternative organisational case, but you will need to seek approval from the module leader to do so.
You are required to:
* Identify the opportunities where modeling and simulation techniques can be used to support decision making in
supply chain management (30%);
* Describe the operation procedures for modelling or simulation for the given case; demonstrate the ability of applying
simulation theories and techniques to resolve problems in practice (70%).
This needs to cover the following areas:
o Provide an end-to-end description of the model development life cycle profiling different phases,
o Issues and decisions related to identifying the problem; drawing the system’s boundaries; selecting and implementing an appropriate modeling tool; simulation model development life cycle (model design and implementation); ending by solution evaluation, using SIMUL8. (The SIMUL8 file is also required to submit, as an appendix).
For the coursework the following aspects need to be considered:
1. Model and develop a simulation of the EXISTING system using Simul8.
2. Evaluate the solution and make suggestions for improvements.
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