Business Plan

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Business Plan
Write a well-written business plan with a table of contents for Maryland Institute of Science &Healthcare; for the following vocational programs of study: Clinical Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy, Medical Billing Coding, and Pharmacy Technician)
1- Executive Summary.
2-Institution’s objective. Include the rationale for establishing the institution.
3-The institution’s mission
4-What are the keys to success for the institution?
5-Organizational structure
6-Describe the types of programs to be offered.
7-Clock hours and Programs description
8-Describe the institutional facilities.
9-Describe the adequacy of the space for the programs offered.
10-Learning materials (Instructional material, equipment, teaching devices AV Aids
11-Describe the institution’s enrollment strategy. (entrance requirements, late enrollment and granting of credit)
12-Institution’s enrollment forecast
13-Fees/costs /Payment plan
14-withdrawal & Refund policy
15-Academic Information/Standard of progress (Syllabus, Attendance: Absence& Lateness, or cutting class/make up work, student progress evaluation-enrollment/leave of absence, grading, graduation and records
16- Faculty and administration
17-Describe the institution’s policy for handling bad debt.
18-Rules of Conduct (conduct, dress, drug-free school and workplace, nonsmoking, sexual Harassment, non-discriminatory& anti-hazing policy and unresolved dispute
19-Immunization Requirements
20-Safety (OSHA)
21-Program Schedule
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