Business Practices

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Business Practices

Given the importance of individuals in determining business success, discuss any TWO of the following issues providing examples wherever possible. Format your report so that each section will be clearly identified; including a brief introduction/background of the topic; provide examples and scenarios as needed; citations and references to support your rationale.
Try to give approximately equal weight to each topic chosen.
Entrepreneurs are fundamental part of business success in today’s society. Discuss using real world examples of successful business entrepreneurs to illustrate your points.
Strategic Management is only a function of top management. Other layers of management are not involved. State whether you agree or disagree with the statement, explaining your reasons.
When developing an organizational structure, what are some of the key considerations? Discuss giving real world examples to illustrate your point s where possible.
Choose a company and discuss what type of organizational structure it has and comment on whether you feel comfortable operating in that type of structure, explaining your reasons.

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