Business Strategy Proposal

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Create a business proposal of choice, with a company name but must be either a sole proprietorship or general partnerships…must note which one
Must use A.P.A. Sixth Edition/12 Font Size/Double Spaced/Times New Roman/Must be 10 to 12 Pages excluding the Cover Page; foot notes, tables, figures and references.
It is a requirement to have footnotes, tables, figures and references for this business proposal. All tables, etc. Must be numbered and show on the table on contents.
Format for paper:
Title Page (Running Head not on the title page and one tab left from margin)
Table of Contents (this is page #1 and set one tab back from the right margin as well as the rest of the page numbers) All headings should be centered and bold and page numbers matching its location within the text.
Subsection—Purposes and Goals
Subsection—Marketing Research
CITATIONS &FOOTNOTES—must be in business proposal (Requirement)
TABLES–must be in business proposal (Requirement)
FIGURES–must be in business proposal (Requirement)
REFERENCES–must be in business proposal (Requirement)
(PAPER—START TEXT of Business Proposal Plan)
Executive Summary—this should be the first page of your text but done last. First text page numbered #2.
The Executive summary is to provide the highlights of the business plan. The executive summary must be concise, but meaningful, must include Sufficient Detail, the company Mission Statement. The main function is to serve and convince lenders and investors from the outset that your business will succeed. It shall also show that the company is a well delineated purpose and a clear direction. Should cover mission statement; purpose and goals, describe its business or organization, production for marketing, cost and growth and projection of how long before you propose to expand or growth…at least (1 or 2 full pages)
Mission Statement—Business Description and so forth…
Main information to include under each topic;
Mission Statement: This section of the business plan offers a qualitative statement which clearly describes the intended guiding strategies, and business philosophies (company culture) which provide the base or foundation from which the company will develop its policies for doing business in targeted markets. Includes purposes and goals…
Business Description: This section must clearly, albeit briefly, explain the purpose of the intended business enterprise. It describes the services or products respectively to be offered or sold by the company. Ex. Name, Company, Place, Products, Plan and Operations… (At least (2) pages).
Marketing Analysis: The marketing is the PIVOTAL component of a business plan. For this reason, the business plan must provide Extensive Marketing analysis or assessment and competitive nature of the market structure. Is it highly contested? Is it easy to enter and exit? Is the type of product to be sold susceptible to PERFECT elasticity of demand? The task of the business plan is to provide a well-defined Marketing Strategy, likely to give your company a competitive edge. Customer characteristics must also be provided in sufficient detail. Remember that the lenders and investors pay special and critical attention to the marketing section in a business plan…whose in competition with your company?(at least 2 or 3 pages)
Risk Assessment: The purpose of this section in a business plan is to demonstrate the ability to anticipate and manage risks. This involves critical analysis of competitive and other threats inherent in the external environment facing your company….ex. What are the risks? How do I plan on reducing them? What are or identify internal problems. List actual and possible external events that might occur to hamper your success. These may include: a recession, new competition, shifts in customer demand, unfavorable industry trends, and problem with suppliers, among others. Identify potential internal problems. End this section by generating a Contingency plan to counteract the most significant risks.
Financial Analysis: The purpose of this section is to provide detailed Financial Plan regarding how the proposed business enterprise is to be financed. A detailed plan regarding how you plan to raise the required capital must be provided. Also to be included is a properly costed structure of top management compensation. A cash flow statement and 3 to 5 year financial projections must be included in this section. This is the portion that should develop the tables and graphs, for example… mgmt. make salary 6K in salary, 10k in productions etc. this could develop a table…
Implementation Strategies: This section compromises Short term and long term goals to be achieved and the methods for implementing your business plan. Location of where you will open your business…
Please make up a business. Include introduction and conclusion. Don’t worry about the graphs. I will add once completed. Please tell where information was found so I can use for graphing purposes.

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