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Business Venture
Your friend asks you to invest $10,000 in a business venture. Based on your estimates, you would receive nothing for four years, at the end of year 5 you would receive interest on the investment compounded annually at 8%, and at the end of year 6 you would receive $14,500. If your estimates are correct, what would be the IRR on this investment?
Davis industries has to decide between a gas vs. electric powered forklift truck. The electric powered truck will cost $22,000 where as gas powered truck costs $17,500. The cost of capital is 12%. The life of both the trucks is 6 years. The net cash-flows from electric powered tuck will be $6,290 per year and $5,000 for the gas powered truck. The firm will choose only one of these trucks. Calculate NPV and IRR for each truck and make your recommendation.
Fama’s has a WACC of 9.8%. The company’s cost of equity is 13%, and its cost of debt is 6.5%. The tax-rate is 35%. What is Fama’s of debt-equityratio?
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