Cane: Jean Toomer

Cane: Jean Toomer

Paper Assignment
Your paper topic, in three to five pages, is to take a position on the question, does mapping locations from Cane add anything to our understanding of the poems or

short stories (or biography) that comprise the book? If so, how? If not, why not?
A thorough answer will do three things.
First, it will discuss the significance of the setting to the poem or short story you select. The setting might be the rural South, a segregated urban neighborhood, or

a bustling metropolis. You may also discuss the originality, the diction (the author’s use and choice of words), the style (e.g. traditional, experimental), the

subject matter, or the speaker’s point of view and how these relate to the setting.
Second, a thorough answer to this question will discuss a) at least two particular locations, one of which must be your original contribution* to our maps, and b)

whether and how finding them on a map affects your study of either Jean Toomer’s life or Cane.
Third, a thorough answer will also discuss how you know that you have mapped the location correctly. That is, it will discuss by what means you verified that you found

the correct location. You may need to refer to a historical newspaper (via ProQuest or Lexis Nexis) or a historical map (via one of the map collections) or historical

photography (via one of the photography collections). Please refer to the Guide to Digital Archives for Historical Research for details.


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