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Herewith two examples about the technical checking that I am looking for:
– In paragraph CE2.5 I used a 3Pole/16 MCB as a circuit breaker for a 2.2KW with efficiency 0.7 in order to give the load (FAN) more allowance to work under the fire, or let the fan work when it takes more current than usual when it gets older. In my country this is normal. Because the panel is connected to a fire system. But I don’t know if this matches the Australian standards and safety rules or not.
– In the same paragraph (CE2.5) I used the word overload to refer to the device that we attach to any contactor in order to protect the inductive loads. In some countries they call as an Overload Relay but in others they call it as a protection overload relay. But I don’t know what its common here in Australia.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

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