Career Goals

I want all these topics into a career goal letter. Skills I want to develop through my training: – to communicate like a pro – network like a pro – be aggressive – be persistent – do things differently – never be complacent Training I want to take and why: – I want to take the applied business technology program at Northern Lights College because I have great organizational skills and enjoy being in the business atmosphere. Long term career goals: – to successfully graduate from the program to work in the administrative department of a company that will help up my experience and after further my education into business management. This training would be relevant to my long term career goals because: – it will help improve the skills needed to be successful in the administrative department and it will also equip me with the certificate necessary for my title as an “administrative assistant” I feel I will be successful in achieving my career goals because: – I am very optimistic about succeeding and having a job I love and enjoy. With the great support of nena’s funding and nena’s daycare will be the beginning of my journey to reach my career goals.

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