Case study 1 ( production and operations management)

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Alyssa’s custom cake currently sells 5 birthday, 2 wedding and 3 specialty cakes each month for $50,150,and $100 each, respectively. The cost labor is $50 per hour including benefits. It takes 90 minutes to produce abirth day cake, 240 minutes to produce a wedding cake, and 60 minutes to produce specialty cake. Alyssa’s current multifactor productivity ratio is 1.25.
a) Use the multifactor productivity ratio provided to calculate the average cost of the cakes produced.
b) Based on your answer in part (a) , is there a type of cake Alyssa should stop selling?
c) Calculate Alyssa’s labor productivity ratio in dollars per hour for each type of cake.
A project for improving a billing process has the following precedence relationships and activity times:
Activity Activity Time (weeks) Immediate Predecessor(s)
A 3 –
B 11 –
C 7 A
D 13 B,C
E 10 B
F 6 D
G 5 E
H 8 F,G
a) Draw the Network diagram.
b) Calculate the slack for each activity. Which activities are on the critical path?
Management at Webster, in Problem 16, is now concerned as to whether caulking tubes are being properly capped. If a significant proportion of the tubes are not being sealed, Webster is placing its customers in messy situation. Tubes are packaged in large boxes of 144. Several boxes are inspected, and the following numbers of leaking tubes are found:
Sample Tubes Sample Tubes Sample Tubes
1 3 8 6 15 5
2 5 9 4 16 0
3 3 10 9 17 2
4 4 11 2 8 6
5 2 12 6 19 2
6 4 13 5 20 1
7 2 14 1 total 72
a) Calculate p-chart three –sigma control limits to assess whether capping process is in statistical control.
Case study 2 ( managing performance):
Explain the following topics of Performance Management after doing a research on Google, Inc. (Your answers should be based on your research and you should mention your research references at the end of this document)
1. Performance Goal Setting
2. Performance Management Process
3. Performance Review
4. Improvement Plans
5. Performance Appraisal
6. Job & Personality Fit
7. Feedback & Feed-forward
8. Compensation & benefit Management
9. Motivation strategies (Minimum 3 points)
10. Overall performance reengineering

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