Case Study Using Phenomenography Approach

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Case study using Phenomenography approach
1. What is case study?
2. What is phenomengraphy?
3. What are their characteristics?
4. What are the advantages of doing mixed method research quantitative and qualitative
5. What are survey research and their characteristics?
6. What are focus group discussion and their characteristics?
7. What is intermessage reference analysis (by Levin 1990)
8. What is coding (weber’s guidelines for content analysis, 1990) and the process of coding
The case study research method by Bill Gillham
Case study research in practice by Helen Simons
Case study research: design and methods by Robert K. Yin
Research design: qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches by John W. Creswell
Research methods in education by Louis Cohen, Lawrence Manion and Keith Morrison
A beginners guide to doing your education research project by Mike Lambert
Your education research project handbook by Anthony Coles, Jim McGrath
A students guide to methodology: justifying enquiry by Peter Clough and Cathy Nutbrown

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