chain of command is less relevant today because of technology and the trend of empowering people

Option 1: – Your book says that chain of command is less relevant today because of technology and the trend of empowering people.  A low-level employee today can access information in seconds that a generation ago was available only to top managers. Operating employees are empowered to make decisions previously reserved for management.  Add the popularity of self-managed and cross-functional teams, and the creation of new structural designs that include multiple bosses, and you can see why authority and unity of command hold less relevance. Still, many organizations find they can be most productive by enforcing the chain of command. One survey of more than 1,000 managers found that 59% of them agreed with the statement, “There is an imaginary line in my company’s organizational chart. Strategy is created by people above this line, while strategy is executed by people below the line.” However, this same survey found that buy-in to the organization’s strategy by lower-level employees was inhibited by too much reliance on hierarchy for decision making.


Do you agree?  If so, why?  If not, why not?




Option 2:  It is often thought that in systems used in the cases where downsizing has been determined to be the approach that is necessary, that seniority is what drives the decisions in a union environment.  And in a non-union environment, the decisions are driven by productivity as the primary factor.  From your experience and/or what you have seen, do you agree that productivity is the primary factor in selecting workers to be laid off?



choose one of the option



ch15and ch16


reflection overall two pages. Please submit a reflection on the overall class that may either focus in on a particular topic or on organizational behavior as a whole and how you see it now differently than you did previously.





Alternate Situational Analysis


In class, we did an exercise that everyone present took part in.  This was an exercise that demonstrated some organizational behavior concepts that can play out in the workplace.  In any work-related environment, situations arise that make it impossible for all team members to be present.  The rest of the team has to figure out how to go forward.


For this alternate applied exercise, please contact someone in the class who participated in the exercise and ask that person to give you a brief description of the exercise we did in class.  Reflect on 1) what you think happened in that situation related to organizational behavior and in this case related to the change model that was presented in class and is available on Blackboard, and 2) what happens when a team member (you in this case) is unable to be part of something that the rest of your team does, accomplishes and shares.  Think about what this may mean for someone missing an activity/event, and what are some actions that you may be able to take to lessen any adverse impact.


Prepare a ten to 15 page paper, written in APA style, presenting your topic.  References and appendices are not included in the page limit.  See the description under Course Information


make it ten pages.

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