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Map out one of your more SOLID AND, preferably, CONTROVERSIAL assumptions using the template below.
We naturally make assumptions (what we assume to be true) about many, many things. Challenging these assumptions can unlock the creativity needed for innovative solutions. If we want to change something we have to consciously think differently.
For the self portrait, you wrote several things down that you believe about yourself, things you take for granted and are unquestionable truths in your life. These are called “limiting beliefs.” These beliefs refer to the thoughts and/or stories you decide hold to be true, and we all have them.
Limiting beliefs:
1.impact the choices you make
2.limit the ideas you can dream up
3.impact how you behave in any given situation.
until these limiting beliefs are uncovered and challenged you can be powerless to get past them and explore potential solutions to challenging problems by viewing them from different perspectives. These beliefs inhibit our ability to think DIFFERENTLY. Unchallenged, your brain will stay where it feels comfortable and safe: thinking along the traditional tracks that lead to predictable and often ineffective ideas.
For the assignment: Map out one of your more SOLID AND, preferably, CONTROVERSIAL assumptions using the template below. On this template you will write one belief, ten things that support this belief and two opposing beliefs each that oppose your ten supporting beliefs (the diagram makes it obvious what I’m looking for)
For using the template: you can pop it into Word, InDesign, Photoshop or Google Drawing (my fave, click on ‘Create’) or anything you like and type into the circles. (in Google Drawing you can make it yourself or import the image).

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