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-One page paper (about 250 words)
-Font – 12 point
-Margins – 1”
-Two references (text MAY be one of them)
-Cover page
-References page
Mini Paper Topic:
In Week 1, we talked about the theory side vs. the policy side of criminology. Now you will pretend you are a criminologist.
Please write a one-page paper to convince policy makers to change a current policy or to implement a new policy. Be sure to tell you’re your reasoning, and use sources to give your suggestions credibility.
Examples (which you may, but do not have to, use):
-Disallow companies from asking about a person’s criminal history on applications (thereby increasing the likelihood of being hired)
-Ask policy makers to disallow capital punishment
-Ask policy makers to change sentencing guidelines / “three strikes” laws
-Ask policymakers to increase funding of mentoring programs
-Move programs that combat domestic violence out of the criminal justice systems (as these programs would only address incidents reported through the criminal justice system)
-Increase the prevalence of “battered women shelters” (safe haven from domestic violence)
-Implement crime prevention programs in all elementary schools nationwide
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