Chemical Shale Instability & Inhibition

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Paper should be written as if it were to be published as a scholarly work ? so no title page ? no table of contents. This paper is only to be used as an end of course submittal for the undergraduate level Drilling II course at my particular university. That being said it needs to be compiled and written as if it comes from a graduate level student. I am asking for your help in this matter due to do time constraints and this is not my area of specialty.
Topic: Chemical Shale Instability & Inhibition
Areas in which the paper could be directed towards?
a. The use of drilling fluids in respect to the different types of shale?s that may be encountered
b. The properties of individual drilling fluids in relation to the wellbore stability while drilling in the vertical, curve, and lateral sections.
c. The development of new shale inhibitors
Scholarly Works I have reviewed to date that may be of help:
1. *Shale Inhibition: What Works?, Sandra Gomez and Arvind Patel, M-I SWACO, A Schlumberger Company, 2013, SPE 164108
2. Design and Development of Quaternary Amine Compounds: Shale Inhibition with Improved Environmental Profile, Arvind D. Patel, M-I SWACO, 2009, SPE 121737
3. *Shale-Fluid Interactions and Drilling Fluid Designs, Wenwu He, Sandra L. Gomez, Russel S. Leonard, and David T. Li, M-I SWACO, a Schlumberger Company, 2014, IPTC 17235
4. Silicate-Based Drilling Fluids Deliver Optimum Shale Inhibition and Wellbore Stability, Tomislav Soric, INA Naftaplin; Pavel Marinescu, SPE, M-I Drilling Fluids; and Robert Huelke, SPE, M-I Drilling Fluids, 2004, IADC/SPE 87133
Items to be included with paper:
1. Must have a reference page?
2. Should include at least color pictures and charts pertaining to the topic discussed (2 ? 3 images total to illustrate a concept)
3. Must include an abstract

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