Choose a media text and conduct a discourse analysis

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Choose a media text and conduct a discourse analysis. This will mean including textual analysis drawing on theories such as political economy, semiotics, ideology, narrative, genre and discourse analysis theory. Your text should be from print media and should be either a newspaper article or magazine article, or advertisement, preferably with an image involved.
Your text must have been published since January 2013, and you must attach it to your assignment.
Grading Rubric:
-A good selection of signs were chosen as significant and their connotations well understood.
-The syntagmatic and paradigmatic elements of the text well understood and well explained.
-Connection of signs to codes and genres well made
-Key discourses were identified and rationale given for how they were identified
-Clear understanding of all aspects of discourse demonstrated.
-A good understanding of hegemonic processes and their purpose demonstrated in the discussion
-The analysis considered contextual aspects that also generate meanings and understandings of the text
-The text was well situated within the broader context

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