Christianity and its influence on Interest Rates in the modern economy.

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The topic is Christianity and its influence on Interest Rates in the modern economy. Provide a strong thesis showing how it?s been used through western religion and use the references below along with any credible references on religion, usury, modern economics and interest rates.
? Reference the Italian 14th century movement called ?the Puy? which led to the modern Western Banking system and its influence on interest loans
? Reference Calvin?s concept of charging interest on loans if it was a mode of predation ? honest and fair not motivated by greed. Show how he regretted it before his death that he supported the concept of ?usury.?
? Reference the Bible?s concept that Jesus would lead a Christian to loan money out of the kindness and never exact ?a pound of flesh.?
? Reference Shakespeare?s ?Merchant of Venice? as it applies to the concept of usury and interest rates
? Reference Chaucer?s ?Shipman?s Tale? as it applies to interest rates and usury.
? Reference Zizek: God in Pain: Inversions of Apocalypse and its Marxist identity.
? Reference Marx himself ? what was his religion and how did he view Christianity?s complicity in the growth of the capitalist system using interest.
? Reference Aquinas and his concept of ?Price and Usury? along with any of his other theories.
? Reference any modern economists and their views towards interest rates that pertains to the topic.
? You can reference other western religious views such as The Koran and the Torah and their views on usury and interest rates. The focus is Christianity but you can show arguments for and against using these religions.
? How did the concept of usury and interest weave through Christianity and influence our theory of interest rates today.
List all bibliographies and references used.

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