Christianity, Power, and Nature

Christianity, Power, and Nature

Is Christianity compatible with environmentalism? Is it only the problem, or can it be part of the solution? What is Eisler’s distinction between actualization power and domination power, and how are these concepts relevant to environmentalism? Would it be possible to use Eisler’s ideas to create a non-patriarchal Christianity, or is Christianity essentially patriarchal? Defend your claims by citing specific passages in the assigned reading.

Review your classmates’ posts. As you think about this prompt, consider arguing a position that is not your own. Try to be as fair to that position as possible, and utilize the strongest critique you can in relation to the position that you actually hold. Utilize the articles from the readings in Week Two to make your arguments stronger and to supplement the claims that you make. Remember that all opinions should be backed with as much logical reasoning and factual evidence as one can gather.

Attend discussion on at least four separate days, and post a total of 800 words. There is no required word count for individual posts as long as all your posts together total 800 words. Nor is there a minimum number of posts, but you must post on at least four separate day by Day 7.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your discussion.

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