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This is a legal brief from the claimant side of the problem. This is a problem regarding International Commercial Arbitration. This portion of the paper will only cover the jurisdiction portion of the brief. Therefore, issue is (1) whether the Arbitral Tribunal has jurisdiction to deal with the payment claims raised by the Claimant? This can be found on pg 53 of the problem. The arbitration clauses in both the Framework and Sales Agreement along with Sales Licensing Agreement should be addressed. Also the brief should address the arguments in the Respondent’s answer, more specifically number 4-11.
This is the Claimant’s argument, thus you should be arguing the that the Arbitral Tribunal has Jurisdiction to deal with the claims alleged, further you should be arguing that the arbitration clause was valid and applicable.
Authorities on international commercial arbitration are some of the following. UNCITRAL Model Law, the New York Convention, Gary Born, Redfern and Hunter, etc.
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