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Case study reflecting on either an event, a situation or an incident which has occurred whilst on my clinical practicum
The case study should focus on evaluating the effectiveness of the management of the event/situation/incident from an organisational well as looking at the overall outcome. Discuss whether the outcome was successful and if/ how it could have been improved. You are required to demonstrate critical thinking and include an analysis and evaluation of what occurred with support from a minimum of 10 primary research articles no more than 5 years old.
The aim of this assessment is for students to gain a holistic view of how a patient is treated within a hospital setting. On completion of this assignment it is expected that students have been able to take a step back view the patient care from an organisational perspective and identify how these issues could be improved upon.
The incident that i selected was that there was a 71 year old female who was on 1.2 litre fluid restrictions but she wasnt compliant, she stayed in the hospital for 1 month and then she was discharged to a nursing home. after one week she came back to the ward very deteriorated and she was expected to die as she developed complications such as pleural effusion. i think the nursing home did not restrict her for fluids which worsened her condition. she also had type 1 diabetes and COPD and congestive heart failure. she is of Italian ancestry and speaks limited English. she is on 2 litre oxygen via nasal prongs.

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