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You need to use the exact websites that are given to you as they are from the lectures. Example below is one, you referenced from 75-81 when the webpage journal is 49-54, so it needs to come from there.(
Don’t use books for references, Here are websites you can use in their place:
Eva, K. W., R. M. Hatala, et al. (2007). “Teaching from the clinical reasoning literature: combined reasoning strategies help novice diagnosticians overcome misleading information.” Medical Education 41(12): 1152-1158.
Mamede, S., H. G. Schmidt, et al. (2007). “Breaking down automaticity: case ambiguity and the shift to reflective approaches in clinical reasoning.” Medical Education 41(12): 1185-1192.
Ilgen, J. S., Bowen, J. L., Yarris, L. M., Fu, R., Lowe, R. A., & Eva, K. (2011). Adjusting Our Lens: Can Developmental Differences in Diagnostic Reasoning Be Harnessed to Improve Health Professional and Trainee Assessment?. Academic Emergency Medicine, 18, S79-S86.
See if you can any of the above websites in this paper instead of “Asthma”, “Clinical reasoning in the health professions” and “The routines of decision making”.
Don’t just change the references without fixing up any of the answers that you have written.
Use Samuel Mark 2. Everything you will need to complete this case will be in the word document. This is in the pre-hospital setting, working as a paramedic in Australia. Use between 5 to 7 references for this paper. Put the answers under the questions. In text referencing and a list of references at the end.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

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