For this module, prepare the third section of your report, an evaluation of three commercially available ECM systems, based on your module 3 SLP. Ask me for the module and I will upload it.
This paper should include details of why the three products were selected for evaluation, how they were evaluated, a summary of the strengths and weaknesses of each system, and a recommendation of which system you think would be best for your client and why. Attach a table constructed for the SLP as supporting documentation.
As before, the report should be professionally prepared in accordance with expectations for business reports.
1. Answer questions with clarity.
2. Show depth and breadth in your paper to enhance the quality of your paper.
3. Try your best to search in the internet to find some papers/articles to support your argument and show them in the reference list.
4. The paper should run approximately 2 pages long, plus the supporting table.

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