Coca Cola Beta Calculation

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Beta calculation (Coca Cola) which would give you an idea about the riskiness of your stock. Beta can be obtained from a data source below. Also, obtain the beta for the competitors of your company and compare the riskiness of your stock to its competitors( Pepsi and Dr Pepper Snaple). You can also look at the trends in the stock price over the last couple of years, and relate it to the performance of the company. For example, if there are any interesting price events that happened on a specific date, search for news that came out about the company on that day, to see what may have triggered the drastic increase or decrease in stock price.
tock Price & Beta Info:
Financial Statements & Competitor Info:
All public firms are required to submit their financial statements to the SEC through the EDGAR system which you can find at the following link. Type either the company name, or Ticker symbol, then from the list of forms, you can filter for 10-K form which is the short name for Annual Financial Statements (10-Q for quarterly statements).

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