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I need essay for my English College writing 1 class. Here is the descriptions my teacher gave to me!
For this mini-boss, you will search for commonplaces in different advertisements and describe
how each advertisement uses the commonplaces in the argument and how the commonplaces
help companies appeal to an audience. Pick two effective advertisements and carefully
analyze them, first describing the advertisement, then analyzing it.
The second part of this mini-boss is to design and analyze your own advertisement. Describe
the advertisement, then analyze your use of commonplaces in the argument and how the
commonplaces appeal to your audience.
Your final document should
• include two described and analyzed advertisements
• include one invented and analyzed advertisement
• be double-spaced
• be at least 600 words (about 200 words each)
This is an example of how to describe and analyze an actual advertisement. Follow the same
format for the invented advertisement as well. Do not use this advertisement, and if you use another advertisement in this series, find another way to analyze it.
Title: AT&T It’s Not Complicated: Slow Turtle
Description: In a classroom setting, a man in a suit sits in a circle with a group of children. He asks “What’s something slow that you wish was fast?” A boy responds, “A turtle.” A girl says that she would rather be a slow turtle because a slow turtle doesn’t make it into the road fast enough to be run over. The man asks the boy, “But what happens when you’re a slow turtle and you’re in the middle of the road?” The boy smacks his forehead. As the commercial closes, the voiceover says “It’s not complicated. Faster is better.”
Analysis: The obvious commonplace in this commercial is “faster is better.” A more integral commonplace could be phrased as “It’s so simple a child could understand it.” By not directly pointing out this commonplace, AT&T allows the audience to participate in the commercial by supplying meaning. The audience is probably parents making decisions about phone plans for their families, and so this commonplace might be particularly relevant to them. The two commonplaces imply that if AT&T has a faster network, then it is better than other providers. By extension, the audience’s choice of a phone service provider isn’t complicated: they should just choose AT&T.

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