To prepare for this discussion, first take some time to review the Editing document in the Course Materials folder. Apply the criteria in the document to the communication piece that you plan to submit for the Module 05 submission, Written Assignment – Communication Piece in this course and then post your answers to the following discussion prompts.

Before you submit your communication piece, let’s get some feedback from your peers. For your first post, attach your communication piece. Title your post with the kind of piece it is (what class it was written for, what the goal of the assignment was, etc.). Then, explain what your piece is about and why you feel it represents your skills in communication.

You should locate for this activity an essay or paper that you wrote for one of your other courses that best represents your ability to communicate in writing.  You could reflect on the essays and papers written for other courses and choose one that best fits the criteria of effective communication.  You should be looking for things like strong organization, clarity of thought, a clear thesis, and proper grammar usage, for example.

Read through your peers’ posts and sample communication pieces and provide meaningful feedback and encouragement to at least one other student. Add your own insights into how the editing process improved the quality of your own communication piece. Based on the feedback you receive, you may also decide to make additional edits to your work, or perhaps submit another communication piece in Module 05 for the Written Assignment – Communication Piece.

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