Communications Analysis Criteria

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This assignment is so important. It is worth 35% of the overall of the subject, which makes this assignment so important. So, please do the best for this assignment.
Please writer, refer to the readings (week 1 – 6) and the Communications Analysis Criteria sheet to do this assignment.
It is very important to refer to the readings and the Communications Analysis Criteria sheet. The assignment is about analysing a video.
The assignment structure:
The assignment is Communication Analysis, 2000 words (35%)
Workload Estimate: Approximately 20-25 hours for a passing grade.
Students are to conduct a critical analysis of a speaker and their communication techniques. Using information drawn from the readings and lectures, students will analyse the communication techniques deployed in a pre-selected example.
This assignment is a 2000-word analytical essay and it is expected that students will heavily engage with key concepts in verbal and non-verbal communications in their analysis. Please refer to the Communications Analysis Criteria sheet (available in Key Unit Materials section of Blackboard) for detailed information on how this assignment will be graded.
The aim of this assignment is to demonstrate how you can apply what you have learned in lectures to real communication instances, and in doing so actively think about how you could improve your own communication technique,
As always, all material must be fully referenced In the Harvard style, and students will also be graded on the presentation of the essay as well as the referencing.
The video that we have to analyse it.

Teacher requirements:
In each case, you will need to focus on the main speaker, analyzing their use of verbal and non-verbal communications in delivering their message. Most importantly, each analysis MUST begin with a brief description of the context of the speech, which will require you to do a little background research. This research, as well as any material you use on the techniques, must be fully referenced in the Harvard style.

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