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Write a 2-3 page paper in response to the following question: In a developing country, an urban community is overwhelmed by trash that is poorly managed and has become a source of many hazards to the public. As a Health Educator working for an international health organization you need to assess the needs of this community. You are being asked how to involve the community in a needs assessment plan that aims at collecting information regarding the ways in which trash (wastes), and hazardous trash (hazardous solid wastes) are managed in this community. Your tasks in this assignment are to: 1. Describe how you would conduct a needs assessment process that aims at assessing the current problems related to the way trash is managed in the community, the existing resources or services available in their community to reduce/reuse/recycle and properly dispose of trash and how they may be improved? Describe the different steps of the needs assessment process that you will follow. 2. Describe how you would involve the community in the needs assessment process.

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