Compare and Contrast the Work of any Two African Portrait Photographers

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Below, I have written up a paragraph that gives guidelines on what the writer should focus on when comparing and contrasting the works of his two chosen photographers. It also includes a list of the photographers to choose from, and sources to find information about them. So for instance, the writer may choose to compare and contrast the works of Neils Walwin and Seydou Keita; and there is a list of sources next to their names where he can find info about each. The writer must use at least three of the listed sources. (he may not be able to access all, but he must use at least 3.) and also do independent research.
In terms of the structure, I would like the essay to be driven by point, and to be focused throughout- every point must be an analysis, comparison or contrast of the two photographers. It is a straightforward title so it shouldn’t be too complicated to write. The writer should support his points with societal context (so explain why a photographer has a certain style or uses certain techniques or tools, in terms of societal/historical context. Because their work is not random).

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