Comparison between interracial and monoracial romantic relationship satisfaction, commitment, and family

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I am carrying out a study on the comparison between interracial and monoracial(same race) romantic relationships (I have already carried it out). So how committed, satisfied one is in a relationship and also family issues (does the partners parents have an effect on the relationship).then I will compare the two. I just need help with my introduction. I want help with statistics on how many people are in an interracial relationship in the uk (latest figures). also a lot of background research on romantic relationship, relationship satisfaction, relationship commitment, and family issues on romantic relationships. the research has to be current, therefore in the last 10 years. No earlier thank you. further, which is really important is that the articles must be scientific journal articles, that I would be able to access for free as I need to print of every fist page of my journal article and place in my appendix (VERY IMPORTANT)and I need the citations to be in the essay with APA format. thank you so much and good luck.

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