comparison-contrast essay on the ideas of parenting of Amy Chua and of Hanna Rosin

WRTG 101/101S
Writing Assignment #1: Comparison-Contrast Essay
First Draft Due on _30JUN15__

Writing Assignment #1 will be a comparison-contrast essay on the ideas of parenting of Amy Chua and of Hanna Rosin.

  • Amy Chua, “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior”

  • Hanna Rosin, “Mother Inferior?”


Your essay should have the following:

  • an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement.
  • at least three body paragraphs that illustrate at least three major points and defend these points by referring to the Chua article and the Rosin article.

You will want to paraphrase or quote from the texts as appropriate.  Don’t worry about citation style for this paper.  If you quote from or paraphrase either author, simply put that author’s name in parentheses after the sentence that contains the quotation or paraphrase.

Your body paragraphs should follow either the block pattern of organization or the alternating pattern of organization.


As you prepare for this assignment, you might review the following video tutorial:

  • a compelling concluding paragraph.

Please emphasize thedifferences between the two authors in this essay.  You may want to point out the similarity or similarities.  However, the main focus of your essay will be on their differences.

Length: 1000-1200 words



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