Competitive bargainers-Role of Influence in Negotiations

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Competitive bargainers-Role of Influence in Negotiations
Competitive bargainers, he [Freund] explains, can miss the mark by being absorbed in their own positions and thinking too little about the other side. But the more popular, cooperative view of negotiation has shortcomings as well. Here the error in preparation can be focusing too strongly on the other side’s wants, needs and problems, when the focus, Freund believes, should be more on HOW TO INFLUENCE THE OTHER PARTY’S THINKING AND CONDUCT (Reardon, 2005, p. 26).
Using the quote above explain the role of influence in a good negotiation.
Then, briefly state your case by including in your answer a definition of influence, a reference to how Lum might respond to this quote, express your idea of influence in negotiation, and then explain how you would respond to both Lum and Freund. You may agree with Lum and/or Freund, but if you do, make an academic argument why you agree.
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