Complete Speaking and Listening Comprehension and Collaboration

Complete Speaking and Listening Comprehension and Collaboration


Write a humorous persuasive speech in which you encourage your audience to view wasps and tarantulas as pets, or propose moving the prime meridian to your hometown. Approx. 3 to 5 paragraphs, double-spaced.


This should be multi-paragraphs, approx. 3 to 5. Double-spaced.


  1. Plan humorour approaches to meet your audience’s interests.
  2. Formulate a clear thesis–the main idea you want to get across.
  3. Support your ideas with facts, examples, and reasons.
  4. Address specific concerns your audience may have, anticipating and answering any objections.
  5. Choose effective language. Slang might seem contemporary, but formal language might command respect. Use figurative language such as similes, metaphors, or imagery to make your message vivid.

Complete Speaking and Listening- Comprehension and Collaboration- Note:  the assignment asks you to “Deliver a humorous persuasive speech.”  However, you can write your humorous persuasive speech and submit via the drop box. (SL 4) (L3)  (10 pts)â

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