Comprehensive Master’s Project Proposal

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> Organizational Context: overview of the organization’s location, size, structure, and activities
> Your Leadership Role and Vision: your title and function within the organization and your personal leadership vision for change
> The Problem Statement: current state of the organization and why this is a problem
> The Statement of Significance: why it is important that the problem be addressed and who suffers in what way if not attended
> Literature Review: research on the problem and its potential solutions
> The Proposed Solution: including the statement of tangible, measurable objectives – i.e., future state
> Stakeholder Analysis: the impact of change on various groups within and outside of the organization, their potential reactions, and how you will deal with each group as you move them through the change effort
> Implementation Timeline: a graphical depiction of your implementation plan, with major milestones along the way
> Evaluation Method(s): how you will measure progress against set objectives and how you will know when you finally get “there”
> Conclusion: summary of key messages you would like to leave with your readers

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