Concept Map: Systems Thinking Literature

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Concept Map: Systems Thinking Literature
Your Instructor has placed you into a small group and has posted group information as a Course Announcement. You will work individually and collaborate with your group in your Week 2 Group Discussion area to produce a team deliverable that will then be posted to the submission link by Day 7. Note: The Instructor will visit each of the groups’ Discussion areas to note the participation of group members. You are required to meet online for your group’s Discussion. This is where your Instructor will look for your thoughts and responses and to make sure everyone is posting online and working together as a group. Please note that if the Instructor does not see your postings, you may not receive credit. If you e-mail one another or have conference calls, you must post a summary in your Week 2 Group Discussion area describing who attended, how long you met, and what you discussed. It is your responsibility to make sure that your name is included on the final Week 2 Group Assignment in order to receive credit.
This week, you will develop a visual representation or concept map of the theories, contributors, and models that make up the academic literature on the topic of systems thinking. You will work individually, then collaborate with the other members of your group to create a concept map.
Individually, by Day 3, define the theories, contributors, and models. In order to accomplish this, you should search the resources at your disposal, most notably your course readings as well as the Walden Library. Your individual work on the group concept map should support the work you do on your Systems Thinking Paper, which is due in Week 6, and your Complex Adaptive Change Plan, which is due in Week 12.
By Day 5, as a group using your Week 2 Group Discussion area, determine the categories and structure of your group�s concept map. It should include both visual and narrative elements.
As you work, note the following useful definitions:
Systematic: Using a system or method (steps to get to a solution)
Systems Thinking: The process of looking at how the interconnectedness of separate parts of a system relate together to achieve a whole system

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