Construct a portfolio of 2 assets, valuate the assets you select and should provide a financial analysis to discuss the financial position and growth prospects of the selected firms

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provide an introduction about portfolio analysis and management and you should discuss on which basis the assets would be selected.
You can select assets for any (listed) firms of your choice, or can choose from the following list of firms:
o Estee Lauder Companies, Inc. o PepsiCo.
o Harley-Davidson, Inc.
o Kraft Foods Inc.
o Pfizer, Inc.
o Marriot International or Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. o Apple
o Google
**You should valuate the assets you selected and should provide a financial analysis to discuss the financial position and the growth prospects for the selected firms.
**Financial statements for the selected firms should be provided in the appendix.
The report should include : 1-Markowitz Portfolio Theory
2-Expected Rates of Return of each asset 3-Covariance of returns of each asset 4-correlation coefficient of each asset 5- standard deviation of the portfolio 6-Estimation issues : estimates of expected returns , estimates of standard deviation , estimates of correlation coefficient . 7- Use Graphs , tables and data to elaborate EACH point mentioned .

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