Contract Coursework LA107

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1. Follow the Law School Guidance on referencing and citation in order to avoid problems with Unfair Practice (copies of this are available on Blackboard);
2. Follow the correct submission procedures and submit on time. (Extensions will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.) See Blackboard for details.
Last year Kate bought a car from Orlando for £2,500 to be paid in two instalments of £1,250. Kate did not pay the second instalment when it was due. She has never disputed that she owed Orlando this money.
Orlando felt sorry for Kate, who lost her job not long after buying his car. He told her that if she paid him the half of what she owed him (£625) by the following Wednesday, he would let her off the rest.
Kate paid him the £625 on the following Tuesday. She also gave him a bottle of wine “in consideration of his kindness”.
On the Friday Kate was notified that she had been successful in one of her job applications and would be starting work at a much better salary than her old job on the First of the Month.
Orlando has heard about Kate’s new job and realises she is likely to be earning more than he is. He now wishes to claim the rest of the money which she had originally agreed to pay for the car.
Advise Orlando.

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