Corporate Governance Case: Strategy and Governance at Yahoo

Week 7 – Corporate Governance Case: Strategy and Governance at Yahoo! Inc. Instructions:  For all of the following questions, supplement your answers with data and other evidence from the case.  Only data from the case may be used. No outside research is necessary or permitted.  All answers should be based on the situation the company was facing at the time of the case content Questions: 1. External Analysis: Conduct a Porter’s Five Forces Analysis  For each of the five forces identify whether the influence is low, medium, or high  Based on that analysis, write conclusions about the general attractiveness and competitive environment of the industry 2. Internal Analysis: Conduct an analysis based on the resource based view  Consider the resources and capabilities of Yahoo!  What resource and/or capabilities fit the four qualifications (based on the resource based view) to be a potential source of sustainable competitive advantage.  Be sure to explain your choice. 3. Evaluate the acquisition opportunity that Yahoo! faced with the unsolicited bid made by Microsoft. Did Yahoo! make the right decision in turning down the offer? 4. Imagine you are one of the newer board members (either Patty Hart or David Kenny). The two of you are meeting to discuss what should happen to the board in response the letter from shareholder Daniel Loeb. Decide what you think is the best option going forward. 5. Moving beyond the issues of the board. What strategic actions should Yahoo! take going forward (from the time of the case)?

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