Cost-Benefit analysis

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This essay will require the student to summarize the Cost-Benefit study and its implications, critique its methodology and use of data, suggest any improvements that could have been made and their potential impact on the results of the study. Students should assume that they are providing a brief to a senior official or Minister who is not familiar with the technical aspects of economics or Cost-Benefit Analysis, but is open to comprehending concepts that are explained in non-technical ways. It is particularly important to avoid use of jargon terms.
Fresh or original analytical insights may contribute to very high grades. Students are encouraged to look for, and draw on any comparable or analogous studies in developing their arguments.
The length of the essay is a maximum of 5,000 words within 18 pages, including diagrams and references, presented in Times New Roman size 12 font and standard 3.00cm margins and 1.5 line spacing. The title page is not included in the word or page limits.
There is no unique ‘template’ or ‘cookbook’ for cost-benefit analysis. It is therefore essential for students to work progressively on this assignment throughout the semester to ensure sufficient time for due reflection about the case study, and to ensure on-time completion. Students should also make themselves familiar with the Crawford policy on extensions and late submissions.
The essay task addresses the first two Learning Outcomes above.

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