Cost-effectiveness analysis of flexible optical scopes for tracheal intubation: comparative study of reusable and single-use scopes

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This paper is a cost effective Analysis paper on single use and reusable use optical flexible scopes. If you need an example of a decision analysis model which is also part of the paper let me know I can prob send a graph of how it looks like. But you can probably find it online. I will included three artciles I found on the subject and one of which is a cost effective analysis of the same topic so you can reuse some of that probably but make it look like its your own words. Below is what you have to follow for the paper.
I. Introduction
Identify the problem.
Briefly (in one paragraph) summarize the proposed intervention and thesis
(what is the change you are proposing and why)
II. Background
Describe the reasons behind initiating the intervention
Provide background of why the change is indicated
What is the standard treatment or therapy and what alternative is being proposed.
Include current deficits and anticipated improvements
III. Literature Review
Summarize the salient literature relating what is known about the proposed
intervention and the alternatives
IV. Create a Decision Analytic Model
Create a graphic representation of the decision being compared
Outline the full range of events stemming from the intervention and the
V. Estimate Probabilities
Identify costs and outcomes for both the intervention and the alternative
Gather data to provide values for costs and outcomes
Describe how the probabilities are calculated or estimated.
VI. Estimate Cost Effectiveness
Determine the ratio of net costs to net benefits
VII. Conduct a Sensitivity Analysis
Test the parameters of your assumptions/estimates by altering the boundaries of the estimates.
VIII. Summary
Summarize the findings and draw conclusions for best practice.

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